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Penis Weights

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Weighing in on Penis Weights

How much weight can your penis bench press?

That is an interesting question, one that many would laugh at and perhaps, even give outlandish answers to. I was shocked to learn that penis weights actually exist. I mean, all dudes want to "bulk up" but weights for your penis is ridiculous, right? Wrong. I did my homework and I`m here to report that penis weights actually exist.

Okay, here`s the nitty-gritty. The full term is "penis hanging weights." This is one of the many types of penis enlargement methods, along with ointments, creams, pumps, and a gazillion other methods. Hanging could be the oldest method of penis enlargement in history. The penis weights can take weeks, months, or even years (yes, that`s right!) to produce results. What that means is that if you use them, you must be dedicated and keen. And, I shouldn't forget this adjective - brave. You should be very, very brave to use penis weights on the family jewels.

What is the routine involved with penis weights?

The process typically involves a hanging weight that as attached to a rope or strap. In turn, you attach the rope or strap to the glans (better known as the "knob") of the penis. A repetition involves lifting the weight and then lowering it to your starting position. The lightest weight is typically 1/16 pound, with the heaviest of the penis weights weighing about pound. Each lifting session should last about 5-10 minutes, with the ultimate goal being to increase the length, strength, and endurance of the penis.

Before you consider hitting the gym with Mr. Johnson, I should warn you about some of the drawbacks of exercising involving penis weights. Firstly, as I mentioned before, noticeable results can take forever (well, years technically). I don`t know about you, but I certainly don`t have the patience to start a penis enlargement regimen that could take months or even years to produce results.

Another thing that you might want to consider about using penis weights is that they have the potential to be quite dangerous. Potential risks include:

* chronic pain
* scarring
* nerve damage
* impotence

Using the weight could also result in erectile dysfunction and perhaps impotency. The risks become even greater if a certified therapist hasn`t directly trained the patient. So think about it: in attempting to increase your penis`s size you could actually put it out of commission forever. Survey says: not good!

So do you have any worthwhile alternatives to using penis weights? I recommend that you try an outstanding penis enlargement method: Extenze. If you want your "member" to be longer and stronger, have more endurance and ultimately please your partner, then you should definitely try Extenze.

When enlarging my penis I don`t want to take any risks, such as with penis weights, and I`m sure you feel the same way. Call me old-fashioned, but it seems like weights are more practical for arms and legs. Extenze contains natural ingredients ranging from ginger to deer antler. I don`t know how to pronounce half the ingredients, but I know that Extenze works!

While penis weights can work, they`re not worth the time and risks involved. On the other hand, Extenze can work quickly and safely. The choice is easy.

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