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Penis Exercises

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Penis Exercises Are Not Enough

Have you done your penis exercises today? Yes, that`s right—exercises for your penis. No, these exercises don`t include sit-ups, push-ups or pull-ups, but in theory they`re supposed to get your penis size up, up, up. But the question that I know has popped up in your head is: do they work? That`s really the bottom line. I mean, if your goal is to build up a longer and thicker penis, will the penis exercises help you to boost the size of your Tentmaker.

You`ve probably asked yourself that question each time you`re bombarded with spam mail claiming that certain penis enlargement methods, such as penis exercises, will produce too-good-to-be-true results in an extremely short period of time. Well, if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

That said, your penis has muscles. So just as with any other muscle exercise, increasing the size of your penis`s muscles will take diligence, dedication, and yes—a reasonable duration. Is it possible to add several inches to Mr. Johnson within a few months? Yes. Is it likely? Not really.

So what exactly does a workout of penis exercises involve? You might be surprised. The structure is just like when you`re training to run a marathon or around the block. A full workout involves a warm-up, stretching, and the main event. The "cool down" process can involve grabbing a cold beer or soda—but it`s optional.

One of the most common types of penis exercises is "jelqing." It involves exercising various tissues of the penis, including the "smooth muscle." That`s a special muscle underneath places such as the veins, and small and large arteries. This variety of penis exercises basically involves stroking blood into the penis`s "glans." You probably know the "glans" better as the "head," "helmet" or "knob."

The bottom line is that penis exercises are a safe and natural way to give your penis`s muscles a workout. It`s safe because it doesn`t involve any bizarre-looking contraptions that make your member look like a construction site or home improvement project. As you might guess, using various types of equipment on your penis can result in injuries ranging from minor to career-ending (permanent erectile dysfunction).

And these exercises are natural because, let`s face it, it`s likely that you`ve been performing some type of penis exercises for a long time. You just called "choking the chicken" or "spanking the monkey."

But remember something important about penis exercises: exercising without proper diet is like running your car without fuel. Herbal supplements (such as Extenze) for penis enlargement, contain a wide variety of ingredients that help you strong and long—for longer. While penis exercises can be effective, researchers have discovered that particular natural ingredients can make your "one-eyed monster" bigger than ever. These supplements contain several ingredients that you are familiar with (i.e. folic acid), as well as those that you`ve probably only heard of if you`re a chemist (i.e. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid).

So while you should definitely consider all-natural exercises for your Captain Kielbasa, remember that natural male enhancements can be the energy drinks of penises.

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