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Extenze: The World`s Best Type of Penis Enlarger

Are you large and in charge? If you want to be longer and stronger, there are several penis enlarger items on the market. There`s a penis pump—yes, the same one from the first "Austen Powers" flick. You basically use a vacuum to pump up your penis and get the blood flowing through it. Sounds effective, right? It is until you start pumping like there`s no tomorrow. Instead of a huge penis, your prizes are some burst blood vessels and a wounded pride (ouch!)

Then there`s another type of penis enlarger: the patch. This works with the same technology as nicotine and birth control patches. Your skin slowly and evenly absorbs the patch`s ingredients, so it goes directly into your blood stream. But there`s little scientific proof that such patches are effective.

Other options that you have when choosing a penis enlarger, are creams and ointments. Personally, I find the latter one to be laughable. Sure, we use different types of creams on our bodies, throughout the day. But these creams treat your skin rather than particular organs. The whole idea of rubbing some lotion or oil onto your penis (as a penis enlarger means) will somehow boost its size, is a joke. If you have plumbing problems in your house, do you polish the faucet? If you`re having major electrical problems in your house, do you paint the fuse box?

Then there`s what I would consider the most extreme measures for a penis enlarger. I`m talking about all sorts of equipment that looks like Medieval torture devices, and surgeries including:

* clamps
* enlargement surgery
* hanging
* inflatable implants
* stretching

Call me old-fashioned, but these methods are simply too extreme and downright risky. Why would you want to put Mr. Johnson through such torture? Sure, you could experience some limited success with a particular method, but why risk it? Secondly, it`s simply not worth the pain and injuries that you could undergo with a penis enlarger. In fact, in a worse case scenario you could end up with permanent erectile dysfunction! Of course, that`s bad news if you`re trying to get long and strong.

An option that I`d recommend is Extenze "male enhancement" pills. These herbal supplements are awesome! This penis enlarger is full of some ingredients that probably ring a bell: folic acid, black pepper, ginger, ginseng, and zinc. Have you heard of Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa? Me neither! But it`s one of the ingredients in Extenze, and it helps the supplement do what it`s supposed to do. If you`re expecting to become as 12-foot tall monster overnight, then forget about it. But if you want an improved sex life, then you should definitely consider the Extenze penis enlarger!

The best part of the Extenze penis enlarger is that it`s a natural herbal supplement. There`s no need to subject your penis to all sorts of "exercises," machines, and what have you. If you want to improve your "height," power, stamina, etc., there`s no better substitute than Mother Nature. That`s really what makes Extenze penis enlarger so effective - its so simple yet so super!

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