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Jelqing Can Enhance Or Hurt Your Penis

In our world, we often have two options when it comes to ingredients and methods: the natural way, or the manmade way. Unfortunately, the latter method can create an array of unwanted results. For instance, while artificial sweeteners seem amazing, we don`t really know what long term effects it can have. This kind of situation exits when contrasting penis exercising with penis supplements.

Have you heard of jelqing? No, it is not a new sport or video game. It`s is a method that men use to boost the maximum rigid size of their penis permanently. The method involves exercising certain tissues in the penis, such as the smooth muscle.

How exactly does one do jelqing? Let`s talk about jelqing 101. While the penis is semi-erect, place both your thumb and forefinger around your penis. Next, you should pull the thumb and index finger away from your body. This pushes blood into the glans. You may know "glans" better by its other names: "helmet," "head," and "nob." Okay, we`re on the same page now? This pulling motion of jelqing adds blood to various tissues, causing you to grow "taller."

The process seems harmless enough, right? Actually, doing jelqing can create various risks, including:

* burst blood vessels
* infections
* temporary dysfunction/permanent dysfunction

Basically, the exercise can result in some moderate-to-major injuries that could put you on the sidelines—forever.

While that`s the "natural" method of jelqing, you can also use a variety of tools. While they can make the exercise more effective, use of any type of tool increases the likelihood that you could seriously damage your member. Let me put it this way - it makes me queasy just to talk about performing the technique with certain tools.

Instead of putting your penis through jelqing (Medieval torture), why not use a more natural method? For instance, there`s Extenze: the natural male enhancement. What makes Extenze fantastic is that (by definition) it`s natural (compared to jelqing with tools). Some of its ingredients include:

* black pepper
* folic acid
* ginger
* ginseng
* pumpkin
* zinc

These ingredients that we KNOW are healthy - either because we learned it in health class, or we know after eating food our whole lives. Sure, some of the ingredients in Extenze seem foreign or are really difficult to pronounce.

However, the manufacturer has added each and every ingredient, for a purpose. You don`t necessarily have to know the function of each one - simply know that the stuff works! Unlike jelqing, there`s no risk of putting your penis in traction for a month. There`s no risk of turning your dysfunction into a disaster.

But don`t just take my word for it. You`ve probably heard of Ron Jeremy, a legend in the adult film business. Jeremy has endorsed Extenze, proving that it`s not some run-of-the-mill male enhancer.

So what about jelqing? While it can produce positive results, it can also do some major damage (to yourself). Why take the risk? To increase your penis size, do it naturally with a natural supplement.

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