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Increase Girth

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Various Methods to Increase Girth

Girth - that's a word that we don`t hear often. Personally, I think it's strange we don't discuss girth more often because a lot hinges upon it.

Otherwise known as bulk, measure or size, girth basically refers to the circumference of something. If you want to increase girth, you have several options, some of which are more effective than others. The various ways to increase girth include:

* Hanging. This approach to increase width and length involves attaching a weight to the glans or "knob" of the penis. Weights typically range from 1/16 pound to ¼ pound. Just as you would perform a bench press or arm curl, hanging involves repetitions and increasing weights. Before you use this method to increase length and to increase width, you should consider a few issues. Hanging can require weeks, months or even years to become effective, and can create several major health risks. You should consider both the minor and major risks of hanging.

* Jelqing. his involves exercising the "smooth muscle" of the penis. While the exercise may seem harmless, it can actually have several potential injuries. These injuries can range from minor to major and can even result in permanent erectile dysfunction.

* Ointments and Creams. Arguably these are some of the least effective means to increase girth of your penis. For instance, consider the impact that skin lotion, sunscreen, and massage oils can have on your skin. Basically they impact the surface of the skin, but themselves do not influence the muscles underneath. Likewise, ointments and creams basically fail to provide true penis enhancement.

* Penis Pump. This contraption involves either a manual or motorized pump that initiates suction. It pumps up your penis, in order to increase length and increase girth. While this method can be effective for men with erectile dysfunctions, over-pumping can result in a wide variety of complications involving the ligaments, blood vessels, etc. of the penis.

* Stretching. Stretching is yet another method to increase girth of the penis. The "stretcher" or "extender" creates a continuous grip on the penis. This causes the penis' cells to split, and then subsequently reform and expand. The objectives are to increase length and increase girth.

* Surgery. Various methods for using surgery to lengthen and increase girth of penises have existed for several years. Patients who want to avail of penis enhancement should only undergo surgery if they suffer from some sort of penis dysfunction, such as erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, this is a complex method to increase length or increase girth, and the recovery process can be quite painful. Furthermore, it is noteworthy to mention that the majority of those who undergo penis enlargement surgery are dissatisfied with the result.

Fortunately, Extenze provides on the most effective ways to increase length and increase girth of a penis. This natural supplement contains a wide variety of ingredients to improve your "sessions" with your sweetheart or spouse. Unlike other male enhancement products and methods, Extenze will not also result in pain or discomfort. If you want to lengthen and widen your penis in a safe and natural way, then extend with Extenze.

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