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Penis Enlargement Myths Debunked

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Like it or not, there's a lot of lying on the Internet when it comes to selling products, and the penis enlargement product industry is no exception. As with many other things, there's more than a few scumbags out to make a quick buck off garbage or poor advice -- sometimes information that has even been researched properly.

Because of all of this (and a large variety of other things), many different myths have begun to float around about penis enlargement and all it entails. Some of them are based on actual facts and some are even true. However, the vast majority of them aren't worth even a millisecond of your time. And if you decide to give into them and start getting wrapped up in their falsehoods then your head may very well explode. Seriously, 10 inches OVERNIGHT with a single pill that only has to be taken ONCE total? Come on, gimmie a break!

Regardless, in the interests of spreading truth and debunking some of the various myths that have been prevalent lately, we've decided to present to you the top ten penis enlargement myths that have been going around. You know, so you can educate yourself and worry about more important things like finally having a penis that doesn't resemble half of a Fenway Frank hot dog (thanks to Extenze, of course!).

Without further ado, let's get right on into it!

Myth #1: There Are Miracle Big-Dick Overnight Pills That Work Within 24-36 Hours of Ingestion.
Don`t worry, they work, but they unfortunately don`t work THAT quickly. Give it about 3-4 days at the earliest and up to two weeks at the latest before you start noticing some changes in your anatomy.

Myth #2: The Average Penis Is Quite Big.
Believe it or not, it`s not - the average penis size is actually quite small!

Myth #3: Penis Enlargement Products Are All A Sham.
Obviously this one just isn`t true at all.

Myth #4: Penis Enlargement is Ultimately Detrimental to Your Health (Over a Long Period of Time)
Like myth #3, this one is based on absolutely no fact whatsoever.

Myth #5: The Only "Legit" Way To Increase The Size Of Your Penis Is NOT With Any Products Or Creams, But Instead With the Exercise Regimens of Ancient Tribes of Yore.
This is typically a statement given by many penis enlargement scam products all throughout the Internet.

Myth #6: The Best Penis Enlargement Pill Is Anything BUT Extenze.
This just isn`t true - see all the rest of our accompanying pages on why Extenze is THE best penis enlargement product on the market today. So what are you waiting for? Go and order some today!

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