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Endorsements, Doctors, and the Extenze Pill

Today, endorsements help to sell products ranging from sneakers to cars and from candy to clothing. It seems that just about every advertisement on magazines, radio, TV, and the Internet includes an endorsement. Do the products themselves have no merit without the approval of famous people? That seems to be case with all things advertised, including an Extenze pill.

Advertising for various products (such as the Extenze pill) has become part of our everyday lives. Not only do the number of products for which companies make advertisements vary, but the sheer number of ads to which we are exposed is in the hundreds. From word-based radio ads to picture-based billboards, these ads constantly bombard us with tempting promises. So how do we know when certain products, such as the Extenze pill, is a quality product or simply marketed well?

Enter the Endorsement
We often hear and see celebrities in advertisements for various goods, explaining how a product is good for us. Usually we don`t think twice about the situation. If someone famous is endorsing the product, such as an Extenze pill, then it must be a worthwhile, right?

Stop the Presses
Oftentimes we don`t stop to think about who`s making the endorsement. Of course, sometimes the situation seems really fishy. For instance, unlike the situation involving ads for the Extenze pill, the endorsers may be very obscure themselves. In that case, it`s often obvious that the product`s quality is questionable.

But how about the case (unlike ads for Extenze pill) in which endorsers` occupations don`t particularly make them experts about the type of product they`re endorsing? For instance, you`ve probably seen an ad in which the endorser says something like, "I`m not a doctor but I play one on TV." What`s wrong with this picture? Well, if the people are not actual doctors, how does that make them experts about the products they`re endorsing? Fortunately, this isn`t an issue with ads for the Extenze pill.

Do you know that adult film legend Ron Jeremy has appeared in some ads for the Extenze pill?

Adult Video News ranked Jeremy The Hedgehog (interesting nickname, huh?) number one in their list of 100 Top Porn Stars of All time. This is important because the best in the business won`t endorse every product related to their field—they`ll pick the cream of the crop. And, it`s safe to say that a large penis can be an asset in Ron Jeremy`s field.

So, what`s so outstanding about the Extenze pill? Extenze is a natural male enhancement pill that can increase your sexual health in a safe and natural way. Forget about silly ointments and creams, and painful methods involving all sorts of unnatural looking contraptions. Extenze pills contain natural ingredients ranging from black pepper to horny goat weed, which can boost your penis size the natural way.

When considering ads for products that include endorsements, such as those for the Extenze pill, consider who`s making the endorsement and whether they`re qualified to provide an expert critique of the product. Are they just playing the role of a charlatan on TV?

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