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My Extenze Reviews

Goto The Official Extenze Site
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Goto The Official Extenze Site<br>Click Here
Goto The Official Extenze Site
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Reviewer: Don Simpson
Date: May 24th 5:51pm

Warning: You will be ripped off if you do not purchase from the OFFICIAL Extenze website. Read on to find out why.

    My name is Don Simpson and I wanted to put up a small website documenting the numerous claims that extenze doesnt work and that it is a scam.

    I have seen some bad reports on other websites and from what I can tell is those people bought counterfeit extenze and got ripped. When you are deciding to buy it make sure you click on the box of the maximum strength stuff to be sure you get the strongest extenze and that its not counterfeit.

Results of my Extenze Trial

  • 1.75 inch Gain in Girth
  • 2.25 inch Gain in Length
  • Last Longer in Bed
  • Satisfy My Partner Every Time
  • Eliminated Uncomfortable Situations for Good
  • Massively Intense Orgasms
  • Come When I Want To
  • Easy Erections When I Need To Be Hard

    But there is a catch, you must use the Maximum Strength Version. I can not vouch for the regular strength stuff, I have only tested and used the Maximum Strength version.

My Extenze Review

    Pretty sure the first time I was made aware of extenze was from the late nite infomercials, I eventually jumped on the net to check it out. When I finally did purchase the product the shipping was fairly quick (within like a week).

    I took the recommended dose and after only like a few days I could FEEL a difference. Nothing huge, but I could definitely tell it was working. After 1 month I had gained 1 inch in length and about 1 inch in girth. Id post photos but I'm not really that comfortable with that, and I dunno about the laws and stuff about that.

    Anyways, its been 4 months and I've successfully gained 4 inches over all (2.25 inches in length and about 1.75 inches in girth) total. Results like this are the reason I had to put together a website. It definitely works, but you gotta use the maximum strength stuff.

    One of the problems I have had though since starting using extenze is that once in awhile I get a boner when I dont need too lol. But its not like a stupid super hard boner just some extra blood in my penis. But what ever, I now have a pretty big penis and I dont run into any 'uncomfortable' situations like before, lol.

    And the other 'problem' I have now is that my girlfriend is more into experimenting and doing cool and kinky stuff in the bedroom. Which I guess really isnt that much of a problem hehe.

    Oh hey, 1 more thing, if they are still offering Semenax then get some of that too, it gives you huge loads.

    Get your Extenze from the official website, and gain 4 inches on your penis, like I did.

    Please leave comments below about your own experiences with the product, thanks.

Goto The Official Extenze Site
Click Here


Name: Greg
Date: 06-16-09 5:41pm
this was the first time i took this kinda stuff but after like 3-4 weeks im noticing about a 3/4 inch gain, my 2 cents..

Name: Jerry
Date: 06-18-09 3:21pm
Ive heard of people getting ripped because of the reocurring billing. whats the deal with that?

Name: Rob
Date: 06-19-09 1:01pm
Ya i got mine from this site and it doesnt do that scammy reocurring stuff. If i could post pics here i would lol! working for me.

Name: Jack
Date: 06-21-09 6:18pm
Does any one know where there is any before and after pics? results?

Name: John from cali
Date: 01-22-10 9:36pm
are you asking for pictures of mens penises? hahaha, ya, you did just ask for that... lol. j/k

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